STP @ Powder Mountain, UT - 2017.

January 13 - 18, 2019 (Sunday - Friday)

  • $1,575 per person!  Includes airfare!  
  • $500 deposit due NOW to lock in the current price!
  • Kids ages 7 through 12 - $150 Off
  • ​Kids ages 6 and under - $300 off​

What you get:

  • Direct flights from JFK International (NY) to Salt Lake City International.  Coming from outside the tri-state area?  We're happy to have you!  Just know that your trip price will be dependent on the available flights to/from your point of origin.  Contact us for a quote.  
    • Disclaimer - Airline prices are obviously out of our control.  The closer we get to the trip, the more variable the rates become, especially given the time of year.  We are happy to give you a general idea of the final cost for custom flight arrangements, but it is of course, subject to change, depending on when/where you book.  Bookings less than 60 days out from the NYC area subject to prevailing rates.

  • SUV rental, picked up at the airport with no hassle. Group size determines the vehicle - Jeep Cherokee with 3, Chevy Tahoe for 4, Suburban with 5+.
    • ​*This is the vehicle selection that we have historically booked for our clients.  Exact vehicle is subject to availability at the time of booking.  
  • Five nights lodging in a NICE multi bedroom luxury house!  Exact accommodations depend on group size (actual lodging).
    • Groups of 3-5, 6-8, and 9-16 can fill their own house, or VERY upscale/new condo of varying size for a more private experience.
    • Have a group that can't meet those group benchmarks, or are traveling solo?    Contact us in advance, and we'll do our best to set you up with other like minded people.
  • Larger houses can have up to 8 bedrooms, outdoor hot tub, pool table, and theater room.
  • Lift tickets for 5 full days.  Three days at Powder Mountain, and two days at Snowbasin.
  • Our trip is Sunday through Friday.  That means empty slopes, zero lift lines, and fresh tracks galore.  The way it should be.  
  • Catered welcome party, hosted by Tom!  Make some friends and have a few cold ones, eat some great food, and plan out your week.
  • Salt Lake City & Ogden - great spots with tons of food, drink, and entertainment are less than an hour away in your rental.


Optional ADD-ON package only $200!  Minimize extra expenses and maximize your trip.  HIGHLY recommended!         

  • Catered meals, delivered right to your door!  Dinner for three nights (with plenty of left overs for a 4th night), and a HOT breakfast for all five days!  Seriously good eats - think awesome wedding food.  Best part?  No shopping, cooking, or cleaning.  And aside from lunch at the hill, your wallet will stay in your pocket. 
  • Pre-paid ski/snowboard checked bag for the flight.
  • 1 Snow Cat Pass at Powder Mountain.  If you've never done it, it's awesome.  Which is why additional passes available at only $21 per ride!

Want to extend your trip?*  7 Days? 10 days?  Contact us to talk options.           

      *Price and accommodations for trip extensions may be dependent on the travel arrangements of others.  In other words, if you're the only one who wants to stick around for another few days, we'll set you up in a           hotel once everyone checks out of the house so you're not footing the per-night rate of an empty 8 bedroom pad yourself.

2019 Utah itinerary

still on the fence?

Check out these videos made by our friends, straight from our 2016 and 2017 Utah trips!  

If you're not convinced after all this...well...have fun at the Poconos?  

powder mountain - 3 days

STP 2016 Utah Trip

Courtesy of Eddy S. - Expert Rider/Familiar Face

Deposit - Reserve Your Spot!

Ready to go?  Put down your deposit and reserve a spot!  ​We'll contact you with an invoice for the balance of your trip.  

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​​snowbasin - 2 days

if you've never been, this is for you!  if you have...welcome back!

STP 2017 Utah Trip (Jay Peak, VT trip starts at 3:20)

Courtesy of Travis C. - Intermeidate Rider/First Time Out West

Home to the 2002 Winter Olympics & Paralympics, Snowbasin has it's own unique flavor that sets it apart from it's neighbors.  Massive bowls, wide open cruisers, serious​ steeps, jaw dropping views, and by far the best grooming anywhere.  Snowbasin is a one stop for double diamond mogul speed demons and blue cruisers alike.

  • 9,350' summit elevation, 3,000' vertical, and 3,000 acres hosting 104 world class runs.
  • ​Their Allen Peak Tram serves what is undoubtedly the steepest groomed run we have ever seen anywhere - the "Grizzly Start" - which was the starting gate for the Olympic men's downhill course.
  • Five Star amenities.  Lodges that look like country clubs.  The toilet stalls have gold fixtures.  And actual doors.  Seriously. 
  • Three killer terrain parks, and the expert steeps that Powder Mountain lacks.
  • Outstanding high-speed lift system that will get you from one side to the other in no time.  
  • "I've been just about everywhere in the world, and this is my all around favorite resort - hands down." - Tom Trout, STP Founder

Snowbasin fills in the few gaps that Powder Mountain leaves behind, while offering a completely different kind of experience.  Many of our customers have told us that "We could do a whole Utah trip just at Powder Mountain...but if we didn't hit Snowbasin at least once, we'd be missing out".  

"Going out west!"  That phrase will incite jealousy in any winter sports enthusiast who is stuck in their mundane yearly routine of PA and NY day trips.  Even Vermont at its best can't touch this place.  Utah offers some of the top resorts in North America, and without a doubt, arguably the absolute BEST quality of snow - anywhere.  

Once you're'll see.  Welcome home.

"The Greatest Snow on ​Earth"

Seriously.  We're not kidding.  And neither is Utah, which is why they say so on their license plates. seems to agree -

"What makes Utah skiers deservedly brag about the conditions...must be the whole package. The body. The combination of quantity and quality of snow, the infrequency of wind to pack it down or blow it away and the consistency with which it falls. Stay a week...and you're guaranteed an epic powder day."

Check please.

Powder Mountain is a resort like no other.  

They purposely cap their season/day pass sales in order to retain the lowest skier/rider density anywhere - under ONE PERSON PER ACRE!!  It's unreal.

  • 8,464 acres of combined lift serviced and back country terrain!  That's over 13 square MILES!  If you've never been out west, this place is bucket list material.
  • After a 2017 expansion of over 1,000 acres, Powder Mountain is now officially the largest resort in all of NORTH AMERICA!  
    • 5.5x the size of Killington, and even bigger than Whistler!
  • A 2,500' vertical, 9,422' summit, and 167 trails that are long and steep enough to fry even the most seasoned of legs.
  • "Powder Country" - A 1,200 acre in-bounds 'back country' area, accessible via lift and Snow Cat. Ropes only drop when conditions and skier/rider density are just right.  "The entire section dumps onto a road which you cannot miss thanks to gravity, where a revolving fleet of school buses pick up skiers and whisk them back to the base".  (Forbes)    
  • 500'' of annual snowfall.  Five.  Hundred.  Inches.

Powder Mountain is as good as it gets.  For anyone who has never been skiing/riding off the East simply have no idea what you're missing.